Keon Xing Chiang

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Keon Baby Shoot (Marketing)-8, originally uploaded by Mervin Chiang.

Welcome to our family Keon! Your mum, sister and I are all so happy that you arrived the way you did! All natural, with all the toes and fingers intact…

Sorry it took daddy 9 days to get the photo up. And to write this to you. You were born 9 days ago on the 10th of October 2011 at 8:42am. You know what? Mummy drove herself to the hospital at 2am the night before! She didn’t want me to come along because I had to look after your sis.

Everyone says you look like me 😛 I’m very proud of that! I do hope you would recover well from your Jaundice and also would sleep better at night.

That’s all for now. I will get mum to write when she can.

Snow Cat Mikaela

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Snow Cat Mikaela, originally uploaded by Mervin Chiang.

Mikaela, I couldn’t believe how still you sat when the auntie was doing your face to make you look like a snow cat.

She asked you whether you want a pussy cat or a snow cat and you immediately say “Snow Cat!”. I was sure you didn’t know what you asked for because as soon as auntie showed you the mirror, you looked a little startled at yourself 😛

You weren’t sure if you liked it or not for a while. Until we all told you that we loved it!

You love your face painting…

Can’t believe how cute my 2 girls are!

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Mikaela, your mummy is sooo… Cute too!! Same like you.

I just randomly browsed over this photo and just had to post it!

Guess What Mikaela?…

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Special Announcement, originally uploaded by Mervin Chiang.

Your going to be a jie jie (big sister) soon! Mummy is pregnant and have a baby in her tummy. Baby will come out in the middle of October.

You’re so cute when you want to try and pretend to carry the baby out of mummy’s belly button and then put the baby back again 🙂 You always put a smile on our faces when you do that.

I think you’ll make a great sister!

Argh!!! Mikaela!!! (… It’s ok, it’s liquid chalk) hee… :P

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You’re growing up so fast. Talking a lot. Making a full conversation with us. You love your drawing time especially making a mess on the bathroom glass with the liquid chalk.

Although you are cheeky, you are caring and would share things with others. You would say sorry to the dogs when you were being too rough and also try to cuddle them. Although they’d run from you as they don’t know what you want.

I especially enjoy reading to you. Remember “Little Bird’s Blankie”? You love that book! Sometimes, you’ll attempt to read back to me. That is really cute…

Hmm… Aspiring to be a photographer?

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Issac’s 1yr Birthday-139, originally uploaded by Mervin Chiang.

Mikaela, you are growing up very fast and getting really smart. Maybe you will be interested in cameras the same way I am? 😛 That would be nice. You always like to stand behind the monfrotto and ask us to smile and pretend to be taking a picture…

Yes, but not nice!!

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You said a full sentence today. Bridged with a “but”! I’m so proud if you. We were discussion beanie fashion with you in the $1 each box in our garage sale… 😛